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Small Animal Boarding

At Sadberge Boarding Kennels and Cattery we know its not just cats and dogs that need caring for when you're away from home, that's why we offer a small animal boarding service.

There are all sorts of wonderful animals we keep as pets in our homes and we can cater for them all with our small animal boarding service. Whether it's fur or feather, from a hamster to a parrot you can rely on us and our team to care for every animal with the same passion and commitment, no matter how small or exotic.

An example of the animals we can board

•  Parrots and other birds

•  Rabbits

•  Guinea pigs

•  Hamsters

•  Rats

•  Gerbils

If you want to talk about our small animal boarding service and what animal you need it for

speak to us today on

01325 332 433

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